What is CAPEX?

Capital expenditures (CapEx) are funds used by a company to acquire, upgrade, and maintain physical assets such as property, plants, buildings, technology, or equipment. CapEx is often used to undertake new projects or investments by a company.

What is a WEB WALLET?

Virtual wallet, operating only online. It is also a hot wallet, because it is always online and more vulnerable to hack attacks. It can be reached through various web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. Such wallets are easy and comfortable to access, store your...


Unique identifiers for each specific wallet. They are generated with the help of an algorithm. They are also referred to as hashed public or private key.

What is a WALLET?

Software program or a piece of hardware holding pairs of codes (public and private keys), which you use to access the blockchain, where your cryptocurrencies are. A cryptocurrency wallet allows you can send/receive crypto coins and monitor their balance.


A process which checks the accuracy of the information given from a computer in the network and passes it along to others. This way a transfer of cryptocurrency is enabled from wallet A to wallet B.