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GRN Energy offers the opportunity to buy mining hardware. GRN Energy clients purchase hardware directly from our global supply chain and receive competitive market pricing while eliminating any headaches for the client.  We have procured / sold 10.000+ miners for our clients to date.

Purchasing Asic miners or GPU miners

Without headaches

Order directly and securely with verified manufacturers and resellers through GRN Energy. We broker the deal at the best price, support with logistics, import, VAT, insurance and other items that would be involved with the hardware transaction.

Our all-in service fee is 2.5% or 5% of the total order value and will be disclosed prior to any deal. Please let us know if you need any help procuring your ASIC or GPU miners and fill out the form below and our specialist will contact you.


Not sure?

Getting into Bitcoin (crypto) mining or setting up a crypto data centre can be both exiting and daunting for anyone. We have over 30 years of combined experience in every aspect of helping you on your way without the headaches. We recommend talking to one of our experts.


A word from our clients & partners

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Procuring your ASIC and GPU miners safe & securely.

There are two ways to procure your new or refurbished miners.

    Straight from manufacturers

    In most cases this involves pre-orders straight from the direct manufacturers. Prices are favorable and deal done by contract with a price protection.

    SPOT Market

    This involves buying miners from resellers. Prices are volatile and change from day to day.

    Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change due to the changes of value of crypto, availability in the market, demand and other market circumstances. Prices and deals are final when agreements are signed and any payment(s) are received on time by GRN Energy.

    1. Fill out this form on this page.

    We request a completed filled in form. We will respond within 12 hours on your Hardware procurement request. If this takes too long for you, please give us a call or book an appointment with one of our experts.

    2. Our experts will present an offer.

    Our experts will contact you by ZOOM, Telephone or Skype prior to presenting our official offer. In this meeting we would like to hear more about you requirements and share with you our process. After this meeting, we will send our proposal and broker agreement digitally through Signnow.com.

    3. Processing your order & finalizing your order.

    When GRN Energy has received the signed agreement and payment have been received, we will process the order and communicate every step of the way with you. When your order is released by the manufacture or reseller you will receive a track and trace code. Our support team is available to support you when you have received your miners and help you on your way.

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    Schedule a meeting with our experts

    GRN Energy team stands ready to address all your questions and use our solutions to be tailored to all your needs for Bitcoin (crypto) mining.

    Please schedule a digital meeting with one of our experts.

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