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Our Locations

GRN Energy and its global partners have access to over 3.1+ GW of different energy sources of power, including renewable energy. We have boots on the ground to tailor the specific requirement of your crypto mining, blockchain, AI and supercomputing companies.


Disclaimer: locations change daily, kindly check with our team about the latest availability.




Finding (sustainable) energy locations

Is our core business

Assisting with your expansion, following regulations, developing sustainable profitability and using renewable-clean energy strategy to fulfill your needs.
Due to the demand in the global market, they are few turnkey locations available.  Most locations require further development and require a long term partnership with capital expenditure (Capex).
GRN Energy aspires to build a long-term relationship with its clients and partners to assist you in getting your operations up and running in an acceptable timeline.

Haven't found a location yet?

Finding a location can be challenging, something always seems to be missing or the prices are unnaturally inflated due to the demand in the market.

Please talk to one of our experts at no charge.

Locations overview

Currently our locations overview and website is being redeisgned for current and new locations please contact us. We apologize for the inconvenience and we get back to you shortly.

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Schedule a meeting with our experts

GRN Energy team stands ready to address all your questions and use our solutions to be tailored to all your needs for Bitcoin (crypto) mining.

Please schedule a digital meeting with one of our experts.

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