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GRN Energy from A to Z.

Do you require support with solving strategic issues surrounding your project, energy source or location? GRN Energy and their partner network provide a wide range of tailored made consultancy services to help you create, manage or market project, energy source or location? Area’s of expertise:

  • Strategic
  • ESG / Circular economy / Sustainability
  • Finance/Investments
  • Construction & Development
  • (Renewable) Energy
  • and more…

The consultancy request process explained in a few steps.

Consulting and knowledge sharing are a primary focus of GRN Energy. Allong with our network or partners we are confident we can provide a range of quality services to solve issues, support you on your way or accomplish required strategic advice for your growth.Interested please follow the below steps to find out what we can do for you or with you.

1. Intake
3. Zoom meeting
4. Proposal

Online intake for Consultancy services

This step is intended to screen if we can be of service to you and also establish a benchmark for questions to ask during the introduction Zoom meeting.


Area's of interest(Required)
Please enter a number from 21 to 21.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

NCNDA a required step

NCNDA means Non Competing Non Disclosure Agreement that is usually valid for a agreed upon  and prohibits any of the parties in the agreement to separately try and do business with parties introduced and/or information shared after signing  the agreement. GRN Energy will be a mutual agreement that acts and protects both ways.

Zoom meeting

After the first two steps an introduction meeting will be establish through Zoom, alternatively a Google Meeting or Microsft Teams meeting can be established.

Objective of the meeting

  • Introduction
  • Assement of requirements
  • Q&A

Duration of the meeting will be  approx.: 60 minutes.


After the meeting within several days you will receive a proposal. Most consultancy proposal will require an upfront retainer before start and will be communicated as term in the proposal.

All proposal will digitally besigned through Docusign and will be valid for 7 days unless agreed otherwise.

Schedule a meeting with our consultants

GRN Energy team of consultants stand ready to answer all your questions and create a tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

Please schedule a Zoom or Google introduction meeting with one of our GRN Energy Consultants.