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Renewable energy is suddenly one of the most lucrative businesses on the planet.

There are seeveral ways to invest in renewable energy: either by buying the equities or bonds of the electricity or utility companies supplying the energy, or of the companies making components for the equipment that is needed to create power.

We would like to present the following three options for you to consider. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Invest in Renewable Energy

Interested in renewable energy locations?  It is possible to participate in investing in various (renewable) energy locations.

We can help, manage and execute on all aspects or partial aspects of you participating in a renewable energy location.

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Invest in a Project

Interested in investing or be part of a larger renewable energy or circular economy project?  This is primarly a capital or asset injection into scheduled projects or expensaion of exsisting projects  that are supervised by GRN Energy.  We have several projects that may be of interest to you

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Invest in GRN Energy

GRN Energy is a start-up with a senior management team with expertise and experience in energy and circular economy industry. We currently enjoy successes and are looking to raise some SMART/Angel capital in preparation for our growth and acquisition plans for our future.

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We are not only looking for capital.
We look for investors that share our approach and vision for more impactful solutions.

To be honest it’s not so difficult to raise money in the Crypto and Energy space. However, it does seem to be more difficult to find the right “match” in terms of our philosophy which is creating value, a sustainable profit and make a profit that you can give back.

We are looking for long-term investors and partners that understand blockchain and crypto should remain an asset for the world to enjoy.

How to participate

1. Fill out this form on this page.

We request a completed filled in form. Our management will respond within 12 hours on your investment request.

2. NDA & Zoom meeting

Our management will contact you by ZOOM, Telephone or Skype. Prior to our meeting an Mutual NDA & Non Circumvent agreement must be signed.

3. Approved

When our management approves you as an investor. We will share all information and a formal presentation will be presented to you after which you can decide to come on board.

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Schedule a meeting with our consultants

GRN Energy team of consultants stand ready to answer all your questions and create a tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

Please schedule a Zoom or Google introduction meeting with one of our GRN Energy Consultants.