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Insurance services

For locations, equipment and logistics

Applying for insureance in the energy, datacenter and Web 3.0 space can be challenging. With our global partners we are able to untangle complex procedures and present insurance product that meet your requirements.

Complete the online intake

Please complete our online intake a representative will contact you to discuss your enquiry and if needed ask additional questions.

Disclaimer: Participating in our online intake survey doens’t guarantee your request will be accepted by an reputable insurance company.

1. Fill out this form on this page.

We request a completed filled in form. We will respond within 24 hours on your insureance request.

2. You will be contacted

Our experts will contact you by ZOOM, Telephone or Skype prior to presenting our official offer. In this meeting we would like to hear more about you requirements and share with you our process. After this you will receive an insurance proposal from our partners.

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Schedule a meeting with our consultants

GRN Energy team of consultants stand ready to answer all your questions and create a tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

Please schedule a Zoom or Google introduction meeting with one of our GRN Energy Consultants.