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There are three ways for investors to be involved or support GRN Energy. All investment processes start with a video introduction before continuing to the next phase.

are you looking to invest in

Bitcoin (Crypto) Mining (Bitcoin & Energy).

GRN Energy is your ideal partner!

Bitcoin mining (Bitcoin & Energy) is suddenly one of the most profitable businesses on the planet.

Would you believe that Bitcoin (crypto) mining generates just as much revenue as the age-old pursuit of unearthing gold and silver ore? Right now, minting this most unorthodox asset may also rank as the most profitable major industry on the planet. The entrepreneurs running their towering racks of rigs 24/7 were garnering stupendous margins when prices surged to over $60,000 in mid-April 2021.

We have three investment opportunities we would like to present to you.

Invest in a Bitcoin farm

Interested in setting up your own Bitcoin (Crypto) mining operation? Setting up such an operation doesn’t go without its challenges especially for inexperienced individuals or companies. Experience and knowledge goes a long way in setting up a profitable Bitcoin (crypto) mining operation.

We can help, manage and execute on all aspects or partial aspects of you setting up your own Bitcoin (Crypto) mining operation.

Invest in a JV

Interested in Co-Own or be part of a larger Bitcoin (Crypto) mining operation?  But you don’t want to take on all the work and risk on your own. Then joining a SPAC or JV might be the right thing for you.  In such investments, you bring part or all of the capital and partner with an executable partner with experience and/or with the energy locations to create a sustainable Bitcoin (crypto) mining operation.

Invest in GRN Energy

GRN Energy is a start-up with a senior management team with expertise and experience in Bitcoin (crypto) mining industry. We currently enjoy successes and are looking to raise some SMART/Angel capital in preparation for our growth and acquisition plans for our future.

In addition, it will be possible to join GRN Energy in other SPAC/JV opportunities.


A word from our clients & partners

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We are not only looking for capital.
We look for investors that share our vision that blockchain is here to stay.

To be honest it’s not so difficult to raise money in the Crypto and Energy space. However, it does seem to be more difficult to find the right “match” in terms of our philosophy which is creating value, create sustainable profit and make sure if you make a profit you give back.

We are looking for long-term investors and partners that understand blockchain and crypto should remain an asset for the world to enjoy.

1. Fill out this form on this page.

We request a completed filled in form. Our management will respond within 12 hours on your investment request.

2. NDA & Zoom meeting

Our management will contact you by ZOOM, Telephone or Skype. Prior the meeting an Mutual NDA & Non Circumvent agreement must be signed.

3. Approved

When our management approves you as an investor. We will share all information and a formal presentation will be presented to you after which you can decide to come on board.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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GRN Energy team stands ready to address all your questions and use our solutions to be tailored to all your needs for Bitcoin (crypto) mining.

Please schedule a digital meeting with one of our experts.

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