Your strategic partner in finding & building data center locations.

GRN Energy brokers, manages and creates profitable data center locations for Web 3.0 usages, with fewer headaches.

GRN Energy provides full service, sustainable & profitable operations with renewable (Clean) energy solutions and circular economy in mind.

Our solutions include:  brokering energy, procurement of hardware, logistics, co-location, management, construction, development & hosting service, providing services to make blockchain, Bitcoin (crypto), datacenters and super computing GREEN.

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Who we are

GRN Energy

Providing Value – Creating (Sustainable) Profit – Give Back

GRN Energy is an experienced and established group of professionals in the Bitcoin (Crypto) mining, data center (IT) , sustainability and energy industry. We believe in the future of (GREEN) blockchain, cryptocurrency and (renewable-clean) energy as important factors for future economic stability, digital evolution, diversification and distribution of wealth.

Mission Statement

Building, managing and providing sustainable digital mining and data center solutions globally as a catalyst for creating sustainability, economic development and a circular economy. With a focus on making blockchain, Bitcoin (crypto), data centers and supercomputing GREEN.

Join our Team

We are always looking for talented and passionate professionals that want to add value to our team, clients, educate the market and make a difference in our industry.

We have an exceptional team working remotely (globally) from different countries on all seven continents of the world.

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A word from our clients & partners

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Our Philosophy

Providing Value, Creating Profit & Give Back

We are interested in working with clients and partners that can identify themselves with our philosophy: providing value, creating sustainable profit and giving back to the community and the planet.

We believe our philosophy best protects the future of blockchain and crypto mining against regulation changes, environmental impact and economic climate.

Providing Value

Don’t mistake providing value with just making money or a profit. We truly believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency are here to stay, and should impact the world in a better way the “internet” has impacted the world.

Creating Profit

We aim to create a sustainable profit for all that are involved. This requires transparency and a long-term vision. Sustainable profit is also about saving money and resources and being as efficient as possible.

Give Back

When you provide value and make a profit, it is logical to give back or re-invest so a more circular economy and decentralized situation can be established for all to benefit from.

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