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Projects overview

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GRN Energy has been working for 3 years with local and international partners and clients to find and build renewable energy opportunities in Indonesia. GRN Energy is hosting various events alongside our partner the Indonesian Digital Council and JV partners Bentaus, and KDV,  to educate the Indonesian Government and international companies on how to engage with Indonesia and its opportunities

The first 1 to 5 MW projects will be available in 2024. Please contact us if you want to learn more.

Why Indonesia possesses significant renewable energy opportunities.

1. Geographical Advantages: The country’s geographical location provides it with abundant natural resources, including ample sunlight, strong winds, geothermal activity, and biomass, which are essential for harnessing various forms of renewable energy.

2. Diverse Renewable Resources: Indonesia is blessed with a diverse range of renewable energy resources, including solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biomass. This diversity allows for a multi-faceted approach to energy generation, making it less reliant on a single source and thereby increasing its energy security.

3. Government Initiatives: The Indonesian government has prioritized the development of renewable energy sources as part of its strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. Policies, incentives, and investment in the renewable energy sector have facilitated its growth and attracted both domestic and international investments.

4. Increasing Energy Demand: With the country’s rapid economic development and population growth, there is an ever-increasing demand for energy. Investing in renewable energy allows Indonesia to meet this demand sustainably while reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to energy security.

5. Environmental Concerns: Given the environmental challenges faced by the country, such as air and water pollution, deforestation, and biodiversity loss, there is a growing awareness of the importance of transitioning to cleaner energy sources. Renewable energy development aligns with the country’s environmental conservation goals and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change.

6. Economic Opportunities: The development of renewable energy sources offers significant economic opportunities, including job creation, technological advancement, and the establishment of new industries. This can contribute to Indonesia’s economic growth and reduce its dependence on costly energy imports.

By leveraging these factors, Indonesia can continue to tap into its renewable energy potential, reducing its carbon footprint and fostering sustainable development.

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Schedule a meeting with our consultants

GRN Energy team of consultants stand ready to answer all your questions and create a tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

Please schedule a Zoom or Google introduction meeting with one of our GRN Energy Consultants.