Pioneering Digital Advancement and Sustainability as Founding Partner of Indonesia Digital Council

Oct 11, 2023 | Updates

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The vibrant city of Jakarta, Indonesia, played host to a historic moment with the formal inauguration of the Indonesia Digital Council (IDC) at the recent Digital Growth Event held on September 19th and 20th, 2023. This significant occasion served as a unifying force for an eclectic assembly of industry leaders, governmental figures, innovators, and digital enthusiasts, converging with a shared mission to propel the evolution of Indonesia’s digital landscape while nurturing sustainability in the digital sector.

As a founding partner of the IDC, GRN Energy joins hands with other influential entities to pioneer the trajectory of digital growth and sustainability in Indonesia. The council is structured around an integrated framework that places emphasis on education, innovation, events, and advocacy, all aimed at creating an inclusive platform ensuring that the advantages of digital innovation reach every segment of Indonesian society.

Highlighting its dedication to empowering members and catalyzing digital evolution, the IDC has outlined key initiatives forming the bedrock of its operational strategy:

1. A Comprehensive Resource Hub: The IDC’s resource hub stands as a robust repository, furnishing members, including GRN Energy, with an abundance of knowledge, tools, and insights. This equips them to actively contribute to Indonesia’s digital expansion and sustainability. The resource hub encompasses diverse offerings such as information databases, employment opportunities, training programs, networking events, collaborative tools, and leadership mentorship, acting as a catalyst for both individual and collective growth.

2. Facilitating Collaborative Dialogue through Digital Growth Indonesia Events: The IDC spearheads the “Digital Growth Indonesia” initiative, serving as a crucial platform for fostering productive discussions and networking opportunities among industry stakeholders and government representatives. This strategic initiative facilitates the exchange of experiences, exploration of innovative strategies, and collective efforts to shape Indonesia’s digital future.

The launch event saw the participation of esteemed speakers and contributors from various sectors, including notable government officials and influential industry leaders such as Gemini, Bentaus, Marathon Digital, and GRN Energy, among others, reaffirming a shared vision for Indonesia’s digital progress.

As GRN Energy assumes its role as a founding partner of the Indonesia Digital Council, the unwavering commitment of the council to propel digital growth and sustainability sets the stage for an empowered future. This commitment creates an environment where individuals and businesses, including GRN Energy, can thrive in the dynamic digital realm. The IDC stands poised to chart a transformative path toward digital excellence, marking a new and promising chapter in Indonesia’s digital journey.

Read more on the website of the Indonesian Digital Council

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