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Bitcoin 2022 was an amazing experience

Apr 20, 2022

Bitcoin 2022 was a great experience for our team. We met so many great companies and individuals like yourself. 

Our entire team (, John de Vroede, Sheila Croese, Frederik Vyncke, Weronika Zygmuntowicz, Harvey Blom (哈维布鲁姆), thank you for attending Bitcoin 2022.

Interested in a follow-up? Then schedule a meeting, Schedule a Meeting.

Did you know you can still participate in our “GRN Experience Raffle“, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to experience this amazing green hotel in Sweden.

Contributing to the next bull run 😉

We did everything we could to make a bull run happen during Bitcoin 2022 ;-). Did you try it was one of the best booths at the event. 

We gave Back…

Part of our philosophy is to “Give Back”. And our team did just that, the team supported, various artists, Boys & Girls Club of America, and vendors by buying some amazing art, a Bitcoin watch, having a haircut, and participating in some sports auctions.

Impressions of Bitcoin 2022

Thank you for meeting us @ Bitcoin 2022

Hopefully we see you next year or at other events.

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