Green Energy Company Raises $13M for Landfill Energy Transformation

Aug 24, 2023 | Updates

A green energy company secures $13 million in funding to transform landfill methane into renewable energy, catering to the needs of modern data centers. The funds have been allocated to operate two US power plants – one supplying electricity to the grid along with a data center, and the other housing an off-grid Bitcoin mining facility fueled by landfill gas. The company's innovative technology not only addresses methane emissions but also plays a crucial role in reducing carbon footprint while effectively utilizing waste for energy production. CEO Bryan Black underscores the company's contribution to local energy markets and its efforts in curbing greenhouse gas emissions.
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A green energy company has successfully raised $13 million in a seed funding round aimed at combating methane emissions from landfills while harnessing their untapped energy potential. This innovative company, known as Nodal Power, focuses on providing renewable energy to cutting-edge data centers, including those used for Bitcoin mining, by utilizing landfill gas.

The recently acquired funding has already been put to use in the establishment and operation of two power plants located in the United States. One of these plants, situated in the southeastern region of the US, channels electricity generated from landfill gas into the local grid. Notably, this site also features a data center that effectively manages the distribution of energy between the utility and the center itself. The second plant, located in the mountainous western region, hosts a groundbreaking off-grid Bitcoin mining data center that operates solely on energy derived from landfill gas.

The technology developed by this green energy company specifically targets smaller landfills, enabling the transformation of often-overlooked resources into valuable assets within the market. By converting methane gas through combustion in generators, the company achieves a dual benefit: a reduction in methane emissions and a decrease in carbon emissions when compared to traditional flaring or venting methods. This innovative approach effectively turns waste into a productive and sustainable energy source.

Bryan Black, the CEO of this green energy company, highlights the significance of their energy-focused strategy in influencing local energy markets positively. This endeavor carries the potential to make a substantial impact on reducing methane emissions from landfills, a particularly potent greenhouse gas contributor.

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