This country is mining bitcoin sustainably right now

May 30, 2023 | Updates

Bhutan has been secretly mining Bitcoin sustainably using hydroelectric power sources. The country's motivations include profitability and stabilizing the grid by consuming surplus energy. This could inspire other countries to adopt sustainable Bitcoin mining practices in the global transition to green energy. Contact GRN Energy for assistance in making your business operations more sustainable.
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Bitcoin mining is notorious for its high energy consumption, often linked to carbon-intensive power sources. Now, things are moving in a greener direction, with one country taking the spotlight. In the majestic Himalayan mountains, the Kingdom of Bhutan has recently announced a surprise with a green twist: they have been secretly mining bitcoin sustainably for several years!

Harnessing the power of water for BTC mining

Considering Bhutan is located within the Himalayas, the is an abundance of mountains and thus flowing water. Hydroelectricity, a form of energy harnessed from the kinetic movement of water, is a sustainable power source, which the small Kingdom is now harnessing to mine BTC. 

For countries like Bhutan, these energy sources are crucial to the power mix. It is an interesting revelation that the country has already been mining bitcoins for years. It is unclear what the country’s motivations are for launching mining facilities. However, there are several possible reasons.

First and foremost, the operation can be highly profitable by mining bitcoin with practically free energy. It is known that Bhutan started mining the crypto when it was worth only $5.000. With the recent price increases, Bhutan may have earned a decent profit from its decision.

Secondly, bitcoin miners can be used to stabilize the grid. This approach is gaining popularity among countries worldwide with an increased demand for sustainable energy. Unfortunately, the energy produced with windmills, solar panels, and hydroelectric generators isn’t particularly stable.

A plant that generates electricity with coal can do so with predictable stability. But the energy from the power sources mentioned above is irregular. The sun doesn’t always shine as bright, the wind doesn’t blow as hard, and we humans don’t always need the same amount of energy. This leads to headaches for the companies managing them. 

Bitcoin miners have offered a welcome solution by allowing them to consume any surplus energy by mining bitcoin. This ultimately makes their operations more profitable, further stimulating the green transition.

Will Bhutan set off a global bitcoin mining revolution?

Now that it is public knowledge that a country is mining bitcoin, the threshold for other countries to join Bhutan could be lower. Recently, crypto mining practices received a lot of scrutiny from governments due to their high energy consumption. But now, that consumption can form an essential cog in the transition to green energy sources.

Are you looking to make your business operations more sustainable? GRN Energy can help you with this important mission. Talk to one of our experts to learn how we can help you contribute to a sustainable future!

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